1. Our facility is equipped to handle day-to-day, non-emergent situations such as basic wellness check up’s, routine bloodwork, and the treatment of minor illnesses. We do not provide after-hour care or hospitalization. There are several emergency hospitals in the Asheville area. We will be happy to give you those phone numbers and information. Any pets requiring hospitalization will be referred to a 24 hour care facility.
  2. Animal House has its own online pharmacy (Vetsource.com) as well as an account with Chewy.com. If you want to order medication from a pharmacy other than Vetsource or Chewy, you will need to request a written prescription from Dr. Shower. You will be responsible for sending (or taking) the written script to the pharmacy of your choice. We do not have a fax machine nor do we authorize refills over the phone.
  3. We do not take payment plans. Full payment is required at the time that services are rendered. We accept Visa, Mastercard, CareCredit, and cash. Once you are established with us, personal checks are also accepted. We are happy to go over costs of services, create an estimate, and answer any questions you might have in regard to your pet’s veterinary care. We will do our best to work with your budget.
  4. Dr. Shower does not offer telemedicine or walk-in appointments. If your pet needs to see the doctor, please call the office and schedule an appointment. She does not make house calls.
  5. We do not see dogs over 45 lbs. We are not equipped to do anesthetic procedures on dogs over 45 lbs.
  6. All cats must be in cat carriers and all dogs must be on a 6 foot leash. Retractable leashes are not acceptable.
  7. Clients must notify the office 24 hours prior to their appointment if they need to reschedule or cancel. Failing to do so within this time frame will be considered a No Show. A client who fails to show up for their appointment 3 times or more within a one year period will be reviewed by the providers and may be dismissed from the practice.
  8. We are NOT a grooming facility. Nail trims are extended as a courtesy to clients who bring their pets to use for regular medical care. We do not offer nail trims to non-clients or to pets who are overdue for medical services.
  9. A current Rabies vaccination is required for all pets. This is non-negotiable. All pets in Macon County are required by law to be vaccinated for Rabies.