Dr. Ann understands that not all animals like going to the vet, after all not all humans like going to see their doctor either! She tries to accommodate those animals that are nervous and shy, her and the staff try to take things slowly and gently to lessen your pet’s fear. Please be honest and upfront with Dr. Ann and her team if your little angel can turn into a little devil. Dr. Ann will use gentle restraint, including the use of party hats (muzzles) when needed. We want everyone to remain safe and happy during physical exam and treatments.

Unfortunately, for those large dogs that are very aggressive (either stranger aggressive or dog aggressive), Dr. Shower does not provide services. Dr. Shower believes that due to the nature of our close, intimate clinic, these pets can have increased aggression since they feel somewhat confined in our close quarters. For the animal’s well-being and that of herself and staff, Animal House Veterinary Clinic does not see large aggressive dogs.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (828) 524-9990.