Animal House offers Preventative Care Plans (Wellness Plans). Affordable monthly payments for preventative veterinary care and office visits.

Our goal at Animal House Veterinary Clinic is to give you the best pet care at a price you can afford. Our plans include necessary vaccines, unlimited low co-pay office visits, unlimited nail trims and other preventative care.

This is how the plan works:

Animal House has designed Preventative Care Plans to help you budget routine preventative care and also offers discounts on sick office visits throughout the year. We have broken down the cost of the plan into affordable monthly payments.

Select the plan from the offerings below which is the best fit for your pet and your budget. The cost of the plan is spread out over 12 months. At the end of the 12 months you can change plans or continue with the same plan. At any time during the year, you can opt out of this money saving program by paying for those services you have already used. The plans range in cost from 24.95 to 44.95 depending on your pet’s age and your budget needs.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $50 for signing up a pet. This is not an annual fee, it is a one-time fee.  If you enroll more than one pet there is a discount applied to the enrollment fee for each additional pet. Clients who wish to prepay their pet’s selected plan in full at time of enrollment will receive a discount on their enrollment fee. Those pets who have had a recent full wellness visit (within last 60 days) and are current on vaccines can also receive a discount on enrollment fees.

Enrolling your pet in a Preventative Care Plan requires that you have a checking account, credit or debit card. Payments for the program are automatically deducted, each month, from the account you designate.

Preventative care plans are not insurance. The preventative care plans help spread out the cost of routine veterinary care that every pet should receive on a yearly basis. Members of the Preventative Care Plans always use the services that are included in their plan. The plans include preventative medical care, unlimited nail trims, complimentary ID cards and a low $10.00 co-pay for office visits if your pet becomes ill. Gold and Platinum plans also include additional 5-10% off of all services not included in your plan if your pet needs them throughout the year. Additionally, Dr. Shower strives to be available for limited after hours and weekend care for those pets enrolled in animal House Wellness Plans.

To learn more about our Preventative Care Plans or to sign up, visit Animal House Veterinary Clinic today, or give us a call at (828) 524-9990. Let us help you choose the plan that is right for you and your beloved furry family member.